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NOTE: We will announce in our newsletters when 2018 sessions will be opening up very soon. Stay tuned. 

In private sessions with best-selling author, spiritual teacher, and healer Matt Kahn, he uses his highly-attuned intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, and feeling, and access to the Akashic Records, to precisely tune into the core your soul's journey to help you unlock, unblock, and clear the way so you can live as the master you came here to be, without giving your power away to others.

A personal session with Matt can assist you in removing all perceptions of obstacles in your life - to infuse all aspects of your living experience with clarity, ease, peace, and love. If you're ready to activate the miracles, magic, and mystery of your soul's highest reality, and serve the awakening of humanity by stepping into your full potential, and if your heart is ready to end all the seeking and suffering, and live as the light of love itself—we look forward to sharing this special time with you soon.

These one-hour sessions are available on a limited basis (due to our full event/speaking schedule) and take place via phone or Skype. Please click the One hour session with Matt Kahn link below to be taken to our calendar so you may choose from an available time slot. 

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